Work Health & Safety

Do you need help making your workplace safe?

Have you been visited by a SafeWork NSW inspector or union official about safety issues?

We explain what the work health and safety laws mean for your workplace. We can provide step-by-step help with how you can comply with Work Health & Safety obligations.

Our help, for business and organisations of any size, includes:

WHS Advice and Information

  • Explaining your responsibilities
  • Information and training to meet WHS obligations
  • Advising what to do when an accident happens
  • Giving guidance on accident investigation and prevention
  • Dealing with employee breaches of safety policy
  • Explaining the powers of SafeWork inspectors and employee representatives

WHS Consultancy Services

  • Drafting safety policies and procedures
  • Conducting safety audits of your workplace
  • Step-by-step instruction on consulting with employees and other duty holders
  • Advice and inspection of your workplace to deal in detail with WHS issues
  • AFEI Hotline available for speedy advice

WHS Training

We have an extensive range of safety training programs for employees, supervisors and employers.

Online Knowledge Base – Information and resources for AFEI Members

AFEI Members get access to the Online Knowledge Base, a series of articles, guides, and templates designed to answer frequent questions and tackle complex employment topics.

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