About AFEI – Australian Federation of Employers and Industries

Peak Employers’ Group

AFEI is an independent peak employers group – one of the oldest and most respected business advisory organisations in Australia. For over 100 years AFEI has been representing and advising employers and influencing employer policy. Our employment law experts have been a major party in major test cases in the Fair Work Commission.

As a peak employers group, AFEI is a major contributor to the formulation of employer policy and is actively involved in all major workplace relations issues affecting Australian businesses.

AFEI Members

Our main role is to advise, represent and assist employers meet their workplace regulation obligations, to assist them with human resources management, to provide WHS and a wide range of training and, importantly, to seek appropriate regulation from government. We have an in house legal firm, AFEI Legal.

Our membership extends across employers of all sizes and a wide diversity of industries.

AFEI was founded in 1903 as the Employers’ Federation of NSW, making it one of the oldest employer groups in Australia. Garry Brack is Chief Executive of AFEI.