Bullying & Discrimination

Has bullying become an issue in your workplace?

Has an employee claimed they have been bullied or discriminated against at work?

Are you unsure about what bullying or discrimination are, and what an employer is legally required to do?

Do you need to know how to prevent workplace bullying?

Various laws including the Fair Work Act 2009, work health and safety legislation, anti discrimination laws provide employees with a number of mechanisms through which they may seek redress for workplace bullying. This requires employers to have policies and procedures in place to prevent workplace bullying and to investigate and properly manage bullying claims. So we have developed policies and procedures for our members, and provide training on how they are to be effectively used. We also explain what to do when an employee makes a bullying allegation and how to properly investigate complaints and deal with the matter.

Key features

  • Answers and workable solutions
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Advice and representation
  • Training for employers and staff

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