Modern Awards

Modern Awards contain legally binding rates of pay and employment conditions, so it is essential for employers to have a clear understanding of each Modern Award applying to their workplace.

AFEI Members receive online access to each relevant modern award, as well as important updates on any changes to the Awards.

The AFEI Hotline (exclusive to members), can also help with questions on:

  • entitlements under the NES;
  • minimum wage rates under employee awards;
  • minimum wage rate under employee enterprise agreements;
  • minimum conditions (penalties, loadings, allowances, hours under awards and agreement;
  • the interaction between the NES, awards and enterprise agreements;
  • the enterprise bargaining process; and,
  • individual flexibility arrangements.

These services make meeting your award obligations easy and are designed to protect you against claims for underpayment of wages or breaches of the complex legislation covering pay and employee entitlements.

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Online Knowledge Base – Information and resources for AFEI Members

AFEI Members get access to the Online Knowledge Base, a series of articles, guides, and templates designed to answer frequent questions and tackle complex employment topics.

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