Employer Award Service

The Employers Award Service provides everything from representing and protecting our members’ interests when awards are made and varied by the Fair Work Commission to providing copies of awards and ensuring you are kept up to date with award requirements. These are also available in an easy-to-access electronic format.

The Employers Award Service is made possible by our employment and industrial relations experts who:

  • Analyse union applications
  • Consult with members
  • Develop strategies
  • Handle all of the commission proceedings
  • Advise subscribers about what’s happened and what’s coming up

Our Employers Hotline is available to subscribers explaining which awards apply, how to interpret them and how to make them work in a practical way.

My Awards

As an AFEI member, here you will find each modern award which apply in your workplace.

As a subscriber to the modern award service, you will recieve important updates on any changes to the awards. Each award link will direct you to the award, award circulars and wage rate schedules.

If you are unsure if the modern awards found here do not completely cover your operations,please call the AFEI Hotline on 02 9264 2000 to discuss your award coverage.

The National Employment Standards (NES)

On 1 January 2010 the National Employment Standards (NES) commenced operation. These apply to all private sector employees, including award free employees. The NES operates in conjunction with modern awards (or enterprise agreements) to provide the minimum conditions of employment which must be observed. Employers need to check both the NES and the award to ensure that the minimum entitlements are met.

Employers are also required to provide information about the NES to employees.

AFEI can help you meet all these requirements.

All Member Circulars

AFEI sends to all members important updates concerning changes to workplace regulation which affect all employers. AFEI all member circulars have been stored online exclusively for our members and can be accessed from our member only website.

Online Knowledge Base – Information and resources for AFEI Members

AFEI Members get access to the Online Knowledge Base, a series of articles, guides, and templates designed to answer frequent questions and tackle complex employment topics.

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