How you go about hiring new employees is one of the more crucial aspects of the employment relationship.

Why? Because in our experience over 90% of employee problems can be traced back to what was said (or not said) and what was done (or not done) during the hiring process.

In our step-by-step guidance for employers we set out:

  • what to do
  • why you need to do it
  • how to do it
  • problems you can avoid

And we provide examples of job application forms and job offers.

Contracts of employment

If you are in any doubt about your job offer to a prospective employee, or contract of employment, contact us - 02 9264 2000.

Through our consulting services we can help you decide what type of employment contract is needed, explain the reasons for the differences, and what they should contain.

What can go wrong when hiring?

When you hire someone you are entering into a legally enforceable contract with that person, even if nothing is written down. With today's tough employment laws, there's no room for not knowing, saying or doing the 'right thing'. A simple, or unintended oversight can cost you money.

Key features

  • Methodical approach to recruitment
  • What should be contained in a contract of employment
  • Correct procedures in an easy to follow format
  • Your existing policies and correspondence reviewed
  • Customised induction programs to suit your business


  • Manage recruitment, selection and induction
    Recruiting new staff is an important part of any business. Done well it can bring expertise and new ideas into your organisation, done badly it can result in mismatched skills and expectation and expose you to claims under workplace and discrimination law. This course is designed to take participants through a step-by-step structured approach to recruitment and selection. The interview is only part of the selection process. Other methods and techniques are presented in practical exercises, and participants have the opportunity to practice techniques.