We can help

If you are considering dismissing someone, or have received an unfair dismissal claim, we can provide the help you need to minimise the significant risks you face.

This is a high-risk area for employers, with lots of pitfalls for the unwary.

We can guide you through the whole process:

  • How to handle an unfair dismissal claim
  • Whether your employee is excluded from making a claim
  • How to handle a resignation
  • When an employee does not show up
  • When an employee is not up to the job
  • Giving warnings
  • How to dismiss for incompetence
  • How to dismiss for misconduct
  • Amount of notice required
  • What to do with casuals
  • Ending probationary employment
  • When an employee is constantly sick
  • When an employee is injured
  • Making changes to a job, work conditions or an employment contract
  • How to manage retrenchment
  • Giving references
  • Termination of employment payments (ETPs)

In just a phone call we explain what initially needs to be done.

Then, if you want us to formally represent you, we can advise you each step of the way, help you with or handle all the necessary paper work and technical requirements, represent you in negotiations with the employee and in any court proceedings. Because we are a not-for-profit organisation our charges are, generally, half those of lawyers' and consultants' market rates.