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Changes in Federal Industrial Relations legislation and Modern Awards

With the introduction of  the Fair Work Act there have been  major changes in awards, agreements and their coverage, with more to come. 

 AFEI Help for Members with Modern Awards  

While the federal award system was in the process of being "reformed" ("award modernisation"), employers faced an array of transitional arrangements to replace the old award system. These arrangements  included Federal awards, Notional Agreements Preserving State awards (NAPSAs), Transitional awards, and Prereform awards. Modern awards will take their place  from 1 January 2010.

We can help you manage these changes through our:

And the AFEI Hotline is available every working day to explain which awards to use, what they require and how best to make them work in a practical way for the business.

So if you need help with awards, particularly with introduction of modern awards, contact us.

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