• 18 May 2021
     18 May 2021
     11:00 am - 11:20 am
  • 19 May 2021
     19 May 2021
     2:00 pm - 2:20 pm

Members will be aware of the 4 yearly review of the SCHADSI Award which commenced in 2014. The review has been extensive with many claims, mostly by unions, to make substantive changes to the Award. The Review has also included a survey of employers in the sector, and several years of FWC conferences, submissions and hearings, in which AFEI has participated.

Due to the number of claims concerning the Award, the review was conducted by the FWC in two tranches, with the FWC decision of tranche 1 claims handed down in September 2019. More recently, on 4 May 2021, a FWC Full Bench issued a 378 page decision concerning the tranche 2 claims, which will mean more changes to the Award in the near future.

This Webinar will focus on:

an overview of the 4 yearly review of the Award, including a recap of the FWC’s first tranche Decision;
an analysis of the second tranche Decision including the claims rejected and approved by the FWC, including those impacting on:

– Minimum engagement periods;
– Additional hours worked by part time employees;
– Broken shifts and the new allowances;
– Recall to work/remote work – new employee entitlements;
– 24 hour care provisions;
– Travelling, transport and fares – compensation for travel between engagements; and,
– Other changes concerning allowances, roster variations and client cancellations

further FWC proceedings – what details are yet to be decided?
when will the changes take effect?

This webinar is important to all employers covered by the SCHADSI Award. It will provide timely information as well as an opportunity to ask questions or provide comment or feedback in relation to the proposed upcoming changes to the Award.

Duration:             15-20 minutes
Members:            Complimentary
Non-members:   $79.00

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