AFEI Membership Benefits

AFEI has been helping employers manage workplaces of all sizes, across all industries, for over one hundred years. We have the experience and the experts who understand what employers need, and provide solutions to their problems quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

As a valued AFEI member you have access to:

  • Workplace Hotline

    The Workplace Hotline is staffed by a highly professional team of industrial relations, HR, employment law and payroll specialists who understand employers' needs and concerns. Your calls are documented so you can track the advice you received from us.

  • Expertise in HR Management & Employment Law

    Solutions for your organisation's people management issues. Consulting advice and representation, competitively priced for AFEI members. Services include workplace investigations, managing the high risk areas of unfair dismissal,bullying, harassment and adverse action and workplace regulation compliance audits. We also provide employment contracts tailored for your needs, along with all other workplace documentation.

  • AFEI Legal

    We  have a specialist legal firm called AFEI Legal. We focus on industrial relations, employment contracts, bullying, adverse action, discrimination, work health and safety and workplace legal matters.

    As we work only for employers and represent their interests in tribunals, in dealing with governments,  on industry bodies  and elsewhere our expertise gives us a distinct advantage over lawyers without this breadth of experience and knowledge. 

    Our rates for this service are competitive and lower than the costs of an external firm.

  • Enterprise Agreements

    Our experts simplify the process by providing a complete "how to" service which includes: 

    Evaluating your need for an agreement

    Planning, negotiating & obtaining an agreement with or without unions

    Drafting the agreement


    Securing approval

    Managing successful implementation

    Managing any changes

    Strategic advice

    Our overriding objective is to remove problems and provide a closer match between employment practices and business strategies. We provide tailored solutions for employers of all sizes with complete service for each step of the agreement process and are well experienced in negotiations with unions.

  • Your Awards and Circulars

    Plus full access to our online resources. Quality information and resources pertaining to all areas of Employment law and workplace management. Your awards and circulars are provided in a format that makes them simple to navigate, understand and stay on top of.

  •  AFEI emails and updates

    We understand that there is a balance between providing need to know information, keeping employers informed about workplace developments and information overload. We send emails on an as needed basis on issues which will impact their workplace operations and management as well as payroll and related matters such as superannuation.  We encourage members to contact us with their queries and concerns.  

  • AFEI WEB Resources 

    Access to the extensive and detailed AFEI website  provides members with a diverse range of practical resources on all workplace issues. The website contains online guides with explanation and information on all aspects of workplace management. It has the essential documents employers need including   template letters, forms, records, checklists and policies. Areas covered include (but are not limited to) hiring and the contract of employment, paying wages, leave entitlements, unfair dismissal, termination and redundancy, bullying and harassment, work health and safety and workers compensation.

    All documents have been developed under the supervision of AFEI Legal and come with the support of the AFEI Hotline or AFEI consultancy services on how to customise and adapt documents to best fit the needs of their organisation. 

  • Discounted training courses

    AFEI offers a wide  range of courses which can be customised to suit individual employer needs. We offer both public courses and on-site training.  AFEI is a registered training organisation (RTO) and has courses such as the Diploma of Human Resources on our wide scope of accredited courses. 

    AFEI members are entitled to send one person FREE of charge to one of our selected courses (further details available once you have joined).  All our course outlines can be viewed at our website:   

  • Employer Briefings

    Held several times a year, AFEI business briefings inform members about current matters of concern for all employers.

  • Policy makers

    AFEI is a peak employers group, one of the largest and most influential employer organisations in Australia. We bring your voice to the policy makers, strive to protect your interests as an employer, and keep you in touch and up to date.


Call (02) 9264 2000 to find about more about becoming a member, or click here
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