• 9 August 2018
    9 August 2018
    11:00 am - 11:45 am

Work health and safety legislation outlines responsibilities for officers and workers, but what about managers and leaders? The legislation is silent in this area, and many organizations struggle to integrate safety into their management structure. Leadership in safety is crucial. Your organization must set realistic and achievable management responsibilities and targets. Your leaders must be able to make decisions and be equipped with knowledge and resources to make the best decisions in critical moments. 

Presented by specialist WHS consultants JOPL Pty Ltd this webinar will cover:

• An overview of leadership, and how safety and employment law combines to contextualise leadership

• Identifying and nurturing good safety leaders, both within and outside your formal management structure

• How to integrate leadership, performance expectations, safety, and compliance

• Leadership and workers compensation – understanding the risks of miscommunication and leadership styles

• When leadership goes wrong – supporting your managers to resolve difficult safety issues.

The webinar will provide practical advice on safety leadership, and is also an opportunity to have your questions answered.


There are no dates currently scheduled for this course. Please contact AFEI to express your interest or to arrange private/on-site training.