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Workplace Gender Equality Reporting - summary of consultations

The Department of Employment undertook a series of consultations with employers  to assess their views on gender equity reporting requirements. Clearly, changes are needed with 79 per cent of those consulted expressing their dissatisfaction. Current reporting requirements are considered too difficult and do not represent value for effort.

NSW Government Announces Planned Cuts to Workers Comp Red Tape for Medium & Large Businesses

The NSW Government has announced that WorkCover is moving towards simpler, easier to understand premiums that provide certainty for medium and large businesses.

The key objectives of the reform are to:

Single Touch Payroll Announced by Federal Government

The Federal Government plans changes to tax and superannuation reporting obligations through the introduction of an application called “Single Touch Payroll”.

Under this contentious proposal it is planned that employers’ accounting software will automatically report payroll information to the Tax Office when employees are paid.

The ATO envisages this will eliminate the need for employers to report employee-related pay-as-you-go withholding (PAYGW) in their activity statements throughout the year and employee payment summaries at the end of the year.

Fair Work Commission Anti Bullying Report

Fair Work Commission  anti bullying report  1 July  – 30 Sept 2014
The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has released its third quarterly  anti bullying report.  When combined with  earlier reports, the data indicates that in the   first nine months of the bullying jurisdiction’s operation,  532  applications for stop bullying orders have been made by workers. To date, only one stop bullying order has been issued.