Workers compensation can be costly and complex for employers. It can be a high risk for business. If an employer is not properly insured, they may be personally liable for penalties which can be some hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Workers compensation "insurance" is not insurance in the usual sense for those employers whose premiums are affected by the cost of their claims.  These are employers with a basic tariff premium greater than $30,000.   If you are in this category your premium will increase with the estimated (not actual) cost of any claim.   NSW Workers Compensation Legislative Changes  

Prosecution by WorkCover

Each year WorkCover prosecutes hundreds of employers for failing to take out correct insurance, and routinely winds up businesses that have no capacity to pay outstanding premiums. So it's not something to be unsure about. AFEI can explain how workers compensation works, your obligations, how your premium is calculated and how to deal with your insurer on premium and claims issues. We also assist you to prepare for a workers compensation audit and help you manage the process.

AFEI's workers compensation services include:

  • Assessing your premium
  • Guidance on injury management and return to work programs
  • Having the right notices, records and documentation
  • Knowing what to do after an accident
  • How to manage claims to reduce the impact on your premium
  • Training courses for understanding premiums, managing claims and reducing workers compensation costs