Are you uncertain about how to handle a visit or a request from a union official?

Do you need to know what rights unions have in your workplace?

Have you been notified of a union inspection of your employment records or your safety arrangements?

AFEI can provide the answers and guidance to these and any other workplace issue in which unions are involved.

Our Workplace Hotline can give immediate advice on union issues.

Often you can get all the help you need in just a single phone call. In other situations, where strategic and on-going advice or representation are required, we work with you every step of the way to minimise the cost and disruption to your business.

Our daily work involves negotiations with unions on-site and in industrial relation commissions and courts. It is because we've had this breadth and depth of experience in representing employers for 100 years that we can provide expert industrial relations advice to employers.


Key features

  • Negotiations on-site and in industrial relation comissions and courts
  • Minimise disruption and cost to your business
  • 100 years of experience in representing employers