When a business needs to confront redundancy, it is seldom in their business plan. The difficulties of retrenchment are made more complex because employers must meet many legal obligations.

This is when you need a dedicated team behind you who can provide strategic and cost effective advice.

If your business is facing redundancies and the need to retrench employees, our Workplace Hotline and Consulting services give you the help and information you need. Contact us for advice specifically tailored for your business:

  • Guiding you on selection processes for redundancy
  • Advising on payments to employees and how much notice is to be given
  • Consulting and negotiating with employees and unions
  • Dealing with official paperwork and technical requirements
  • Representing you in industrial relations commission and court proceedings

Key features

  • Strategic and cost effective advice
  • Negotiations with unions
  • Representation in industrial relations commissions and courts