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Do you need help making your workplace safe?

Have you been visited by a SafeWork NSW inspector or union official about safety issues?


We explain what the work health and safety laws means for your workplace. We explain what action can be taken to minimise your risk and how to deal with problems that arise. 

Our help, for business and organisations of any size, includes:

WHS Advice and Information

  • Explaining your responsibilities
  • Information and training to meet WHS obligations
  • Advising what to do when an accident happens
  • Giving guidance on accident investigation and prevention
  • Dealing with employee breaches of safety policy
  • Explaining the powers of SafeWork inspectors and union officials

WHS Consultancy Services

  • Drafting safety policies and procedures
  • Conducting safety audits of your workplace
  • Step-by-step instruction on consulting with employees and other duty holders
  • Advice and inspection of your workplace to deal in detail with WHS issues
  • AFEI Hotline available for speedy advice

WHS Training

We have an extensive range of safety training programs for employees, supervisors and employers.