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Changes to NSW Workers Compensation Premium Calculations

Published: 5 June 2015

WorkCover has announced changes to the way in which  premiums paid by  medium and large (basic tariff premium greater than $30,000) employers  in NSW are to be calculated.

The focus is on better alignment of employers with poor claims histories and level of premium paid. WorkCover is operating from the premise that employers can avoid claims by having effective  safety systems in place  which reduce risk  of injury and reduce claims costs  through  employers putting more effort into return to work.   In our view this is one part of a larger picture in efficient claims management which also, crucially, involves the role of nominated treating doctors, scheme agent management of claims and the lack of any effective means by which employers can control the return to work process – other than by having suitable duties available. Employers are already subject to  the extensive WorkCover return to work obligations, and lengthy and expensive claims are often the consequence of the employer’s inability, despite all efforts, to get the worker to return to work.

For details of the premium calculation changes which have been made available to date by WorkCover, see AFEI All Member Circular 18/2015.


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