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March 2014     
  • Fair Work Act Amendment Bill tabled in parliament 
  • Work health and safety changes on the cards for Queensland
  • New Chain of Responsibility laws have wide impact
  • Restructuring and redundancy - guidance for employers
  • Work trials, work experience and student placements - essentials for employers
  • Adverse action case roundup
February 2014   
  • Important New Privacy Changes
  • The Fair Work Commissions "anti bullying regime - what an employer can expect if a claim is made
  • Constraints on workplace policies
  •  Inherent requirements of the job
  • Endeavour Energy drug testing - update
  • Work health and safety update
  • Recent decisions:  WHs prosecution and workers compensation
December 2013/January 2014   
  • Four-yearly review of modern awards
  • Australian government considering appeals body of Fair Work Commission
  • AFEI Workers Compensation Survey Results
  • Road Safety Remuneration Commission under review
  • Employers continue to be battered by unfair dismissal and general protections claims 
  • Workers compensation changes
  • The importance of documenting warnings
  • The importance of conducting proper workplace investigations
October/November 2013   
  • Reminder - Fair Work Amendment Act:  provisions effective 1 January 2014
  • The latest equal remuneration case - what lies ahead for employers
  • Consultation clause in modern awards - more workplace difficulties ahead
  • Workers compensation - WIC rate reductions NSW
  • Workplace bullying - new guide will apply in workplaces
  • Bullying complaints to Fair Work Australia


  • Saliva drug testing no longer acredited by National Association
  • Reminder about annual shutdowns
  • Work social events - rules for employers
  • Public Holidays 2013/2014
  • Conscious breach of mandatory safety rules not enough for dismissal
  • Loss of trust and confidence in an employee - where reinstatement is not appropriate
  • Why training is important for your organisation
August/September 2013  
  • After the election - what to expect from the new government
  • After the election - what changes to workplace laws are expected
  • New Govrnment Ministers
  • Visas and the right to work in Australia
  • Abandonment of employment
  • Fair Work Ombudsman's Latest Compliance Audits - Children's Services Sector (other industries will be targeted down the track)
  •  How does unpaid parental leave interact with other leave?
  • Managing employees who use their own device for work
  • Cultural sensitivities and bad language in the workplace
  • Misuse of IT systems and Unfair Dismissal Protections
  • Record sham contracting fine
  • Dismissal unfair despite serious safety breach
July 2013  
  • Bullied retail worker has been awarded $600,000
  • Directors insurance and criminal prosecutions under WHS legislation
  • Payslips and employee records - what employers need to know
  • Significant personal fine imposed on director for underpayments
  • Dismissal harsh despite valid reason to dismiss employee
  • Shift changes did not constitute adverse action
  • Workers compensation claimed for NOT being made redundant
  • Advanced return to work coordination
June 2013  
  • Fair Work Act amendment bill has passed
  • Potential impacts of the new bullying legislation and code of practice
  • Portable long service leave
  • Annual wage review 2013/14
  • Age barriers to work report released by the Australian Law Reform Commission
  • Payroll update:  redundancy payments and employment termination payments
  • Superannuation changes - reminder
  • New sex discrimination legislation
  • Organ donational leave - the essentials
  • The 457 visa bill has passed parliament
  • New high income threshold and maximum penalties for unfair dismissal
  • Employee dismissal claims finally come to an end
  • Drug testing of employees still a grey area when it comes to the Fair Work Commission
  • The right to request part time employment - a recent decision
  • Mobile phone use while driving illegal but company policy is still needed
  • Manager was not bullied - workplace conflict
  • Legal issues in recruitment and selection
  • Project management
May 2013  
  • Class 457 visa Inquiry
  • Budget 2013/14 - what it means for employers
  • Superannuation changes
  • Changes to the Fair Work Ombudsman complaints system
  • General protections cases hit record highs
  • Medical certificates and sick leave - what employers need to know
  • WorkCover changes premium classifiction for some medium employers
  • Junior rates and youth unemployment
  • Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme survey results
  • Sitting at desks - work health and safety risks - what to look for
  • Clarification of the term 'casual employee'
  • Email regarding levels of sick leave in the office did not defame worker
  • Carers leave, discrimination and dismissal
  • Workers compensation - some expensive developments
  • Essential selling techniques
  • Understanding unfair dismissal
April 2013  
  • Fair Work amendments
  • Gender Anti Discrimination Bill introduced
  • A review of the paid Parental Leave scheme has commenced
  • New fringe benefit tax rates for 2013/2014
  • Work health and safety - guidance material, transitional arrangements
  • Acceptable alternative employment and redundancy
  • Offensive language can harm business reputation
  • Employee and their representaive reprimanded for false claims
  • Supervising and leading difficult people - essential skills for any manager
  • Managing remuneration, employee benefits
  • Managing industrial relations
  • Making and negotiating enterprise agreements
  • Hazard identification solution
March 2013  
  • Employers just want it to STOP!  More changes in workplace regulation
  • New reporting requirements - Gender Equity Indicators
  • Human rights and anti discrimination bill
  • Unpaid work trials - are these allowed?
  • Managing employees with a second job
  • Hazard identification - can you find them all
  • Childcare workers and reasonable supervision
  • Continuous service and regular casual employees
  • Policies need to be relevant and specific
  • Poorly handled dismissal costs employer $59,050
  • The importance of Work Health and Safety training for every organisation
  • Succession planning
February 2013  
  • Employment issues on the Federal Government's agenda
  • Unfair dismissal claims at their highest rate yet
  • Workers Compensation - New claim forms and work capacity certificates
  • Employers continue to encounter difficulties when enforcing workplace issues
  • Do you have to pay a pro rata long service leave when an employee is dismissed for serious misconduct?
  • Workplace inductions - the essentials

  • Unfair dismissal decision provides employers with a guide for managing email content
  • Adverse action case - child care worker's hours reduced after advising employer of pregnancy
  • Conducting an audit of workplace health and safety
  • Understanding unfair dismissal
  • Negotiation in everyday business
  • Essential selling techniques
  • March & April 2013 training
January 2013  
  • What's ahead in 2013 for employers
  • Unfair dismisssal and the Fair Work Act general protections
  • Modern awards - modern award review continues
  • Transitional provisions - modern awards
  • Annual wage review 2012-2013
  • Superannuation update
  • Gender equity legislation
  • New Federal Anti Discrimination Legislation
  • Mobile phone use in work cars
  • Work health and safety
  • Bullying Inquiry report released
  • Workers Compensation
  • When overtime will be deemed unreasonable
  • Qualification Training - OHS, Frontline Management and Management
  • Upcoming Training
October 2012   
  • Changes to the WorkCover medical certificate
  • Fair Work Ombudsman campaigns
  • Fair Work Ombudsman prosecutes individuals and organisations
  • Free dispute resolution for workers compensation cases in NSW
  • Cross border workers and workers compensation
  • Unpaid parental leave - qualifying periods reminder
  • Changes to the General Employee Entitlement and Redudancy Scheme (GEERS)
  • Age discrimination prosectuiton by the Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Bullying and unfair dismissal
September 2012  
  • Workers compensation changes
  • New hazardous chemical pictograms released by Safe Work Australia
  • AFEI submissions on penalty rates and public holidays
  • Safety issues for employees working from home
  • Requests for flexible work arrangements; when can employers refuse?
  • Procedural fairness when dismissing employees


  • Do workers have to advise employers of past injuries?
  • Reminder about workplace policy awareness
  • Conducting effective performance reviews
  • Update:  NSW workplace health and safety legislation
  • Adverse action - the test has been clarified by the High Court in a landmark decision
  • Fines for dismissing a disabled employee
August 2012  
  • Review of the Fair Work Act
  • Guide to Redundancy
  • Investigation after a WHS Incident
  • Costs, vexatious claims and the Fair Work Act Review


  • Unlawful v unfair dismissal
  • Ongoing FWO underpayments campaign
  • Unfair Dimssals and WHS issues
  • Justifying summary dismissal


July 2012  
  • Update:  Modern Award Review
  • Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal
  • Fair Work Act Amendment Textiles - Update
  • Contractor v. employee
  • Dealing with difficult employees effectively
  • What is a discriminatory act?
  • New WHS model codes of practice
  • Forklift safety reminder
  • The importance of having well trained staff
  • Update on recuitment and selection matters - a briefing for managers


June 2012  
  • Workers compensation legislative changes NSW
  • Continuous service - what is counted
  • Breaking News:  Paid parental leave for fathrs and partners
  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Unfair dismissal thresholds
  • Outsourced operations - further prosecutions for underpayments
  • Update:  Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Amendment Bill
  • Electrical safety recall notice for extension leads
  • Inquiry into bullying in the workplace
  • New WHS codes and guidance material released for public comment
  • Staff retention and absenteeism
  • The essentials of recruiting staff
  • High risk work licences
  • Costs - some good news for employers
  • Inherent requirements of the job and disability discrimination - HEAVY PENALTIES
  • The NEW WHS course:  Fundamentals of work health and safety
  • Course overview:  Recuiting and selecting staff




May 2012  
  • AFEI submission to the NSW Workers Compensation Inquiry
  • Award Review - update
  • Fair Work Ombudsman Investigations - Update
  • Work health and safety updates
  • Important information on residual current devices
  • Policies - what you need to know


  • Payroll Update - changes to the HELP thresholds for 2012-2013
  • Restrictions on leave - cashing out and taking excssive leave
  • Unfair dismissal vs resignation - case study
  • "Disloyalty" appeal by employer rejected by FWA
  • Understanding unfair dismissal 
April 2012  
  • Redundancies - employers need to tread carefully to avoid problems
  • The new Road Safety Remuneration Act and Tribunal
  • The new body for the building and construction industry
  • Foreign workers - your obligations
  • Internal investigations and workplace incidents
  • Unfair dimissal and financial difficulty - a valid reason
  • Continuous service and associated entities
  • Dismissal for out of hours conduct - when is it fair?
  • Contractor workers and their safety - what is "reasonably practicable" for a PCBU?
  • New unfair dismissal course - learn practical ways to help protect yourself


March 2012  
  • Superannuation Changes:  What this means for employers
  • Annual Wage Review 2011-2012
  • Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Amendment Bill
  • Work/Life Balance - The proposed Bill
  • Childcare costs may be claimed in unfair dismissal claims
  • Outsourced workers - host employer liability
  • How employees are using workers compensation and WHS to bring matters before Fair Work Australia
  • Bad language and the workplace
  • Reasonable Management and Workers Compensation
  • Human Resource Mangers should know and follow their own policies
  • Why implementing policies correctly can save you $1,000's
  • Theft case - a reminder to employers
  • Public Holidays 2012
  • Work Health and Safety - The new incident notification guide
  • Work Health and Safety - guides and factsheets at a glance
  • Course Profile - Train the Trainer
February 2012  
  • Fair Work Act 2009 - The Review
  • Small businesses and workplace relations - what you need to know
  • NSW Workers Compensation scheme in need of major reform
  • Fixed term contracts - important things to consider
  • Equal Opportunity in the Workplace Amendment Bill
  • Family Violence and the Fair Work Act 
  • Casual Employees and Dismissal
  • The importance of training for managers in procedures and record keeping
  • Workplace Health and Safety training courses
  • How HR Managers are becoming targets under the Fair Work Act and how you can minimise the risk
January 2012  
  • What 2012 has in store for Industrial Relations
  • Spotlight on the WHS regulations
  • OHS Representatives under the new WHS Act
  • What records are you required to keep for your employees?
  • Forced Resignations and Unfair Dismissal - when a resignation is not forced
  • Derogatory and insulting comments made on Facebook not considered to be harassment or discrimination by Fair Work Australia (FWA)
  • Workers compensation - reasonable managment action and psychological injuries
 December 2011  
  • WHS Act Recap
  • WHS Act review 
  •  Important Notice - Opening Hours over Christmas and New Year
 November 2011
  • Consultation with works - what you need to know
  • A guide to mentoring employees
  • ABCC to be replaced under new legislation
  • Paid parental leave update
  • The lengths employers must go to for performance management
  • Work health & safety - joint & shared responsibility among all employers & contractors 
  • Work health & safety - joint & shared responsibility among all employers & contractors 
  • Changes to class 457 visas
  • The proposed consolidation of federal anti-discrimination laws
  • Unfair dismissal and serious misconduct - case study
  • Participant Profile - Diploma of Human Resources Management
 October 2011
  • Work health and safety reform NSW
  • OHS harmonisation Update
  • Paid Paternity Leave - Dad and Partner Pay
  • Breastfeeding - the new provisions under the Sex Discrimination Act
  • Social Media and the Recruitment Process
  • Performance Mangement and Adverse Action Claims
  • The New Gender Based Reporting Requirements
  • Pitfalls for employers providing company phones, credit cards, cars and computers
  • Award modernisation review
  • Social Media and the Recruitment Process
  • Award modernisation review
  • OH&S Case - how do you ensure a safe workplace?
  • Case summary unfair dismissal - Bullying
  • When sacking via text message is allowed
August/September 2011
  • Changes to NSW OHS law now in opertion
  • Summary of graduated changes to OHS laws in NSW
  • Directors must remian vigilant over personal liability for safety
  • Employers must help out 'genuinely redundant' employees
  • Work trials:  what do you need to know
  • Sexual harassment:  new broader definitionDon't forget about the Fair Work Information Statement
  • Workplace 'rights' include a pending compensation claim
  • 'Drunk Victorian truck driver wins unfair dismissal claim
  • Dismissed employee wins his job back
  • Court rules dismissal by text message unacceptable
June/July 2011


  • OHS Amendment Act update
  • Independent contractors - the big picture
  • Minimum wage increases by 3.4%
  • Paid parental leave - changes made by the 2011 budget
  • Smorgasbord of protected industrial action options
  • New equal opportunity Act for Victoria
  • Court tightens test for the independent contractors
  • Don't forget about the Fair Work Information Statement
  • Sham contracting - HR managers 'accessorial liability'
  • Pregnant worker engaged under sham contract - FWO prosecution 
April/May 2011
  • NSW Govt introduces work health and safety reform
  • Low paid decision signals return to compulsory bargaining
  • Judiciary and regulators offer their opinions on the calibre of HR
  • Age discrimination case
  • Opposition rejects proposed ‘family responsibilities’ law
  • New electronic surveillance laws for ACT employers
  • Long service leave FAQs
March 2011
  • Employers must administer paid parental leave scheme
  • Paid parental leave rules
  • Resignation and minimum notice periods
  • New gender equity law on the horizon
  • New safety switch regs for NSW
  • Changes to NSW workers comp law
  • 2011 Public Holidays
  • AFEI submission to FWA—annual wage review
  • Acceptance notices—paid parental leave
  • Winery safety prosecution
  • Double dipping—unfair dismissal and workers compensation
February 2011
  • Paid parental leave FAQs
  • Work health and safety consultation—draft code of practice
  • Unfair dismissal applications continue to increase
  • Small business definition changed
  • Annual leave entitlements and workers compensation
  • Outplacement counselling at AFEI
January 2011
  • Draft model work health and safety regulations
  • Penalties and enforcement
  • Consultation
  • Representation
  • General working environment
  • Hazardous work
  • Electrical work
  • Plant and Structures
  • Construction work
November 2010
  • Christmas and New Year holiday period 2010–2011
  • Proposed changes to law on public holidays in NSW
  • Modern awards—Division 2B state awards
  • Modern awards—Higher modern award rates ‘absorbed’ into overaward pay
  • NSW passes national licensing law
  • Pay frequency under fair work
  • Payroll tax rebate for apprentices and trainees
  • The writing’s on the wall—employee discontent in the digital age
  • Explosion in working hours—just a lot of hot air?
  • Employer tripped up by lack of HR experience and out of date information
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October 2010
  • Paid parental leave—your questions answered
  • NSW Premier seeks changes to model Work Health and Safety Act
  • Open letter to the NSW government
  • ‘Go away’ claims here to stay
  • WorkCover updates NSW return to work guidelines
  • The correct form for a payslip
  • The end of division 2B state awards
  • Unions applying for first low paid bargaining order

September 2010
  • Directors guilty until proven innocent according to NSW IR court
  • NSW work health and safety Bill expected soon
  • Modern Award development—Overtime rates apply now
  • Modern Award development—Social, community, home care and disability services
  • High income employees and unfair dismissal
  • What should I do when a WorkCover inspector visits my workplace?
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August 2010
  • Work Health and Safety—model Act update
  • OH&S Obligations of Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Unpaid parental leave update
  • Bleak House—harder to appeal unfair dismissal under fair work
  • Valid reason for OHS dismissal—but maximum payout
  • Retail modern award—appeal against minimum hours decision
July 2010
  • Discrimination in work—employee protections to increase
  • New version of Fair Work Information Statement
  • Understanding the transition to modern award pay rates
  • Bullying campaign announced
  • General retail award
  • Unfair contracts law starts
  • First youth discrimination IR case succeeds
  • Inherent requirements apply to job, not restricted duties
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June 2010
  • Employers roll the dice with government guides
  • Paid parental leave Bill passes
  • Minimum wage increases by $26 per week
  • Model Work Health and Safety Act—duty to consult
  • Telephone conciliation rethink
  • ATO sets its benchmarks for small business turnover
  • Superannuation clearing house opens
  • Kirk decision resonates in case law
May 2010
  • Paid parental leave—employers
    to administer scheme
  • Take-home pay orders—employee options strengthened
  • Pay equity test case
  • Anti-discrimination law update
  • Henry tax review
  • Payroll update—the 2010 Budget
  • Are your contracts and policies Fair Work compliant?
  • Risky business—the impact of sexual harassment claims
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April 2010
  • Business to face increased consumer regulation
  • Victorian employers affected by workers comp changes
  • Workers compensation tips
  • WorkCover—10% of policies to move
  • At what price justice?—Kirk counts cost of High Court victory
  • Clerks—Private Sector Award
  • Working with children check
  • Anzac Day—Payroll information
  • Restricted trading days—retail employers affected
  • Employers stressed out about psych claims
March 2010
  • Lost touch with the law—the NSW Industrial Court
  • Media release—AFEI calls for Royal Commission into NSW OHS laws
  • Cost of OHS compliance—AFEI member survey
  • Unfair dismissal—how does FWA view reinstatement?
  • Modern award Q&A
  • Inquiry into spent convictions for juvenile sex offenders
  • Safe Work Australia moves on harmonisation of workers compensation
  • Did you know AFEI can run training at your workplace?
  • Pregnancy discrimination
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Feb 2010

  • Final stage of modern awards
  • Pressure on employers to provide flexible work for parents
  • Model OHS Act released
  • Redundancy—WorkChoices and Fair Work compared
  • Unfair dismissal—what now happens when an employee
  • FWA fines employer for refusing entry to union officials
  • Payroll tax—change to jurisdiction tests
  • Income protection top of union agenda—but who pays?
  • Unfair dismissal out of the blue—but reinstatement impossible
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